An Abyssinian cat is one of the most popular breeds in the United States, which makes it rank in the top five when it comes to the most popular cat breeds in America. They are some of the most popular cats and with their popularity comes to the fact that they are many things when it comes to an understanding these breed of cats.

The Abyssinian is the ‘Energiser Bunny’ of felines

If you think that Abyssinian is your typically lap cat, then think again. These are some of the most active felines who are always on the move towards their next mischief. They are also some of the most athletic and curious breeds of cats which can result in them jumping and exploring and climbing on each opportunity they get. They are always the kittens who will sit on top of furniture and keep an eye out on the deck.

They have a ‘ticked coat.’

One of the main appealing quality of these cats is the fact that they have a very cougar like appearance, which is one of their most cherished quality. The coat is one which has their individual strands which can allow them to have alternative bands for colour. The stands is generally lighter than the base which becomes darker at the tips. They have a very exotic look to them which gives them the appearance of a wildcat look. They also come in a lot of different colours which makes them have a slender body, long tales allowing them to have a very regal appearance.


They have a mysterious history

The Abyssinian is one of the oldest domestic cat breeds who are known for having an exotic origin. There are numerous romantic tales which was woven to breeding them in Ethiopia. They have very similar traits to the paintings and sculptures, which led them to be associated with European Pharaohs. A recent genetic study found their ancestors to live along the coast of the Indian Ocean and other parts of Southeast Asia.

They are incredibly loyal

They are some of the most independent and extroverted cats who are known to love to interact with people. They have a dog-like attachment style which allows their owners to have connected. They have some of the best attention span allowing their owners to love them. They are some of the most preferred cats when it comes to domestic household. They are also known to have a lasting attention span. They are some of the most high spirited animals which can get you through catching their attention for a long time. They also are known to like to have an interactive session with their toys, allowing them to keep out of trouble.