Taitu has four fabulous kittens born on 10 October. Bazza’s kittens were born on 10 November.

The Catsmagic cats live in a leafy village looking out over the Limpley Stoke Valley, south of the historic spa city of Bath in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Our 100 year old house is on top of a cliff which was part of the first Bath stone mine, originally mined by the Romans. We look out over the Avon River and Kennet & Avon Canal towards the White Horse at Westbury and Salisbury Plain, about 25 miles away.
So the cats have a beautiful view from the house and there is plenty of room for kittens to play and explore. Their kittens are brought up “underfoot” and get plenty of visitors – new owners are encouraged to come and spend time playing with them. Rosie O’Dog, our Whippet x Bedlington Lurcher, handles canine familiarisation.

Catsmagic is a small cattery and I aim to produce cats that are not only beautiful and of good Aby type, but also have sound health and temperament. The kittens are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in the UK. They are vaccinated, including for Feline Leukaemia, wormed, litter trained, and used to a dog. Every kitten comes with an ‘Owner’s Manual’ and I am very happy to give on-going advice if needed when they are in their new homes.

The ‘Aby Fan Club Newsletter’ chronicles the loves and lives of the Catsmagic cats. It’s been published by email for several years for owners and other Aby lovers. Look for it now on the website!