An Abyssinian cat is a medium-sized cat which has a long body. They are some of the most active cats who love to jump and play. They are some of the most beautiful looking cats with their muscular body and also smooth planes on their head. They have rather large ears which tilt when they are alert allowing you to gain their attention. The eyes of an Abyssinian cat is generally big and gold or green in colour. They are some of the most intelligent breeds of cats which has the majority of bands on their heads and a long line on their spine. They have soft colours on their belly, which makes the whole fur much more distinct. They were said to live for more 9-13 years which allows them to be the best companion. Also, one of the main plus points that makes them likeable is the fact that they shed less compared to your domestic cat.


An Abyssinian cat is an active cat and is one best of the cat which you will love to have in your home. They can play with their toys for hours and can be very interactive as well. They have a soft, quiet voice which makes them instantly loved. They are easy to take care of as they like being combed and rubbed with a cloth while purring on your lap. One of the important things that you need to do is to make sure that you have their weight under control. They are some cats who love to run around, jump and climb. They are some social cats which allow you to enjoy their company Malaysia bet online as they are the best with human companions.


Abyssinian cat is considered to be the breed which comes from the Nile Valley and is developed in Great Britain. The cat was brought to Britain by Lord Robert Napier to help with their military expedition to the Abyssinia. The foundation breed for their beautiful breed that came to be today is the Abyssinian. They have a unique pattern on their coat which can remind them to their camouflage. The characteristics of the Zulu is very delightful, which allowed them to hunt as well as looked to breed to keep the coat to be the same trusted casino online malaysia.

The breed itself was very popular and people soon began to breed them throughout winbet2u Europe, the United States and also Canada. This popularity was the reason which games them the salvation they face today. New Abyssinians were imported and the breed continued to grow and when the spread of Feline Leukaemia Virus almost destroyed the breed but once again due to Britain, they were brought back to reestablish the breed again.